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Behind Cambridge Analytica lay a bigger threat to our democracy Facebook.

Behind Cambridge Analytica lay a bigger threat to our democracy Facebook. The intelligence firm tied to Hillary, according to a report. Google told the newspaper that data picked up on the social network amounted to information picked up on more than 10 million accounts “through different ways,” meaning data picked up on millions of people. Facebook reportedly wants this information sorted into “eras, addresses, contacts, and identifiers—all for Facebook as described on the leaked documents.”

These reports were never revealed. But the social network’s share-tracking system has begun to make the rounds, using software that’s designed to give the public a record of every user as well as a handy tool on social networks.

The tech industry has argued the report is overstated at best, at worst, and in an aggressive way for a company like Facebook. But the company has acknowledged its flaws in the technology company’s reporting process, calling its progress “false” and “misleading” at worst.

A Wall Street Journal reporter, after a day of shooting, tweeted an unpleasant portrait of the man who killed his family, showing a scruffy shirt while watching television, on a computer screen.

He has now become a hero to the right-wingers as well.

“The world’s biggest killer in the world is Google. The world’s biggest killer,” a CNN reporter tweeted on May 24. “Google has lost its edge thanks to a company known for it’s great PR. This shows that the Google’s company is the most important in the world. In the world of Facebook, the world is the best place to be, not that in the world of Twitter or Facebook. This leaves a record that has already been done by the world’s biggest killer in the world.”

The Wall Street Journal report says Google is now looking for more money in ways to help its business.

The report concludes that Google’s spending in 2015 has grown from “$1 billion to $10 billion a year” to “about one-third a year since 2009.”

Google used to be a big player in the social media space by the time of Google’s founding last year, but Google’s spending in 2014 was significantly lower as well. The report includes two reports from researchers at the Department of Homeland Security. The researchers are reporting that Google made $3.5 billion that year alone — for a “smaller $1 billion” average spent — on Google’s purchases and use of Google stock.

“We’re going to be very busy for a couple of years, I can’t believe we’re just spending more money on things like security cameras,” researcher Joshua Buehler posted on Yahoo News.

In November 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google spent nearly a quarter of a billion dollar on security cameras and malware. This number was not included in the report because Buehler, who worked at Homeland Security until 2013, said that the costs of security cameras would have been far more important to Google than the company itself.

On February 10, 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google was spending $10.6 million to upgrade an outdated machine that used a network. These upgrades have enabled the machine to perform some key tasks and provide an enhanced operating system. The report calls Google’s spending on security improvements “a remarkable development,” and it says Google spent $700,000 on security improvements at this time.

A Wall Street Journal report called the Google Security Report a “rewarding signal” for Google to do something “about safety, security and safety.”

There’s plenty to be concerned about, but so can the numbers. According to Google, “Google has been spending approximately $911,300 on security improvements over the last three years.”

Google says it has “embraced a threat that has lost its edge.” Since 2012, the company has spent more than $11,000 on security improvements, including “a significant $50 million for data storage in this new machine, an increase in security and security awareness for our devices, and another $100 million that was spent to support security in the security-related community.”

If we’ve been around for 30 years now, we’re going to know that a $400 million budget for security improvements includes everything from software to an additional $100 million for an extended security team, and a $250 million for increasing the internal security team that Google has provided to government agencies.

To learn more about security and social networks, visit here.

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