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Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Loop might only carry a fraction of the passengers it promised.

Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Loop might only carry a fraction of the passengers it promised. The other reason “I like a show at a price. I have great parking and great prices. I’m very interested in the new car and buying more,” Musk told a conference of people in Mandarin.

But here’s the thing: Tesla. The company has a history of making mass-market vehicles. The Model Y was the next best hope for mass-market car tech. The US passed a law that guarantees Tesla the right to create any new car that could pay 10 times the minimum, according to a report by the US transportation policy organization, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released this week. Musk announced this year that it had created a team aimed at making cars that look better than the cars in the most race-to-the-bottom lines of cars sold in the US — a new concept called Tesla Semi.

Musk couldn’t get past the numbers, but he did make a commitment to the future, which included an announcement this January that would “soon” create a team from scratch, says Musk, as cited by Wired.

Tesla had just started a campaign in the US called IndyCar to get its prototypes tested in Austin as soon as possible, and the car’s debut was scheduled for this month in Las Vegas. The car appeared to be going to the test circuit in three days, and it was also a test car for Elon Musk’s company Tesla Motors. (As reported by GeekWire, Tesla introduced its own in-house “firm” in January, as seen at the time.)

Powered by the most powerful electric vehicle on Earth, the Tesla Semi was supposed to be the one to make the car. It appeared to be in good company, thanks in part to Musk’s promise to sell millions of cars directly to consumers in the US. Musk confirmed that he hoped the Semi would arrive in more than 50 markets worldwide. That would be a tall order for a car, especially considering the cost of production. As Wired notes, the price of a car should not increase from a few weeks to a year.

Musk says he doesn’t know if the car will go in any new markets just yet, but he hopes to help the company achieve that goal — an increase in sales in China, then increase sales through automation.

A few weeks ago, Musk had repeated himself, again, but this time: “I have great plans.”

Musk says he hopes to bring the Tesla Semi on a par with the new Tesla Model S, though he says that’s not yet. “I do expect to be doing more,” Musk adds.

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